Let's Collaborate


Invitation for Collaboration

Everyone has ideas and so do I. Here are some listed below. Feel free to take them, or better yet, LET'S COLLABORATE!


An idea about going at your own pace

Possible idea of a gym short film (the heart of the story is everyone at their own pace)


an idea about young singaporean's lack of early opportunities to be independent

First month independence (a short documentary about Singaporeans on exchange abroad. Commonalities include it is their first time out of their homes, first time in a new country. What are they experiences, what differences/similarities do they notice?)


an idea highlight how dark stories often go by without getting noticed

A short documentary about a tour guide who talks about dark history in Singapore to a crowd that is oblivious


an idea about singaporeans obsession on running

Singapore is small, yet the number of running events seems disproportional - which is interesting to find out more!


an idea about companionship

A short documentary about animal companions in Singapore, a country that has increasingly smaller family sizes and increasing living cost. What justifies pet companion beyond the cute and fluffy?