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National Geographic Live 2015: My Nine Lives with Steve Winter

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

In this not-to-be-missed presentation, Big Cat legend Steve Winter will share his intense encounters and astonishing images of the big cats of India, Brazil, and Hollywood.

Finding and capturing rare images of these elusive and beautiful endangered species often requires many months in the field, working under dangerous and difficult conditions. 
Steve Winter is one of the world’s most extraordinary wildlife photographers. For Steve, doing whatever it takes to document these majestic creatures in the wild is all in a day’s work, whether it’s camping at 15,000 feet in -40 degree temperatures or being charged by rhinos. Part of each assignment is simply trying to stay healthy - and stay alive. 
Steve will share his gripping tales live on stage, from coming face-to-face with tigers in 
India’s Kaziranga National Park – one of the last places where tigers still share the land with elephants, rhinos, and deer – to capturing nocturnal adventures of a mountain lion in the Hollywood hills. 

Steve Winter has been charged by a grizzly in Siberia and trapped in quicksand in the world's largest tiger reserve in Myanmar. He's flown over erupting volcanoes and visited isolated villages where residents had never before seen a blond foreigner - or a camera.

Throughout it all you can't help but be inspired by Steve's mission: to share the beauty of big cats whilst reinvigorating efforts to save them. "By saving the world's top predators, we save huge forests, rivers, wildlife, and ultimately, our planet," says Steve Winter.

Tickets are priced from S$39 and can be bought via the SISTIC.