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"Bridges" Speaker Series: From basic science to advanced medicine by Professor Ada Yonath

Prof. Ada E. Yonath is a 2009 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel who has shown what the ribosome – the cell’s “protein factory” – looks like, how it functions at the atomic level and how it translates DNA information into proteins, which perform most of life processes.

She has generated 3D models that show how different antibiotics bind to the ribosome and how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. These models have revolutionized the field of structural biology and are now used by scientists in order to develop new antibiotics, directly assisting the saving of lives.

Professor Yonath will speak on “From basic science to advanced medicine – Molecules of life and their impact on modern biological research” that illustrates understanding of the process of the translation of the genetic code, a basic and most important process of life at Nanyang Technological University.

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