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"On Thin Ice: Jade's Polar Dream" on National Geographic Channel

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

14-year-old Jade is a quiet Melbourne schoolgirl who embarks on a bold bid to become the youngest human to trek to the North Pole. Convinced success will inspire teenage girls everywhere to break free of society's limiting expectations, she battles bitter cold, perilously thin ice and constant fatigue and self-doubt to achieve her goal. With experienced polar guide, Eric Philips, and her father, Paul, who has conquered Mount Everest, by her side Jade has strong support around her. But she has no idea if she has what it takes inside to survive the challenges she has set herself. Having overcome a life-threatening childhood illness, this courageous and likeable teen puts her personal catchcry 'expand possible' to the extreme test.

National Geographic Channel is on Starhub Channel 411 and Singtel Channel 201.