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"Colour: The Spectrum of Science" on BBC Earth

 Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Just 15 colours tell the entire story of Earth, life and scientific discovery. This series explains how each of these colours occurs, unlocking the mysteries of nature and the forces that underpin the Universe itself. More than any other planet, the Earth is awash with colour. With its flowers, oceans, rainbows and vast array of animal life, our planet stands out from the blackness of space as a multi-coloured jewel. From Lapis Lazuli, the vivid blue formed in the intense heat of volcanic activity, to the brown pigment that allowed humans to colonise the entire planet, these three episodes tell the stories of the vibrant colours that bring the Earth to life.

Discover how seeing beyond the spectrum into the world of X-rays has allowed us to look not only inside ourselves, but also into the heart of our galaxy. Meet the marmosets who demonstrate how the pigmentation of many ripe fruits helped the evolution of colour vision, and learn how all the gold on Earth was deposited from space around 4 billion years ago, during one of the most violent meteorite bombardments in the planet’s history. Our eyes allow us to experience colour as an explosion of vibrant wonder. Colour: The Spectrum of Science examines this miracle of nature, and travels across the world to discover what makes our planet’s palette unique.

BBC Earth is on Starhub Channel 407.