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"Soul of the Cat" on Nat Geo Wild

 Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

Most people in the world who know a domestic cat understand the wild look in their pet's eye. Are we simply valets feeding and grooming cats that go about their lives indoors and outdoors as if we were the hired help? It was thought that it was over 4,000 years ago that the first cats were able to domesticate us but research is now pointing to 10,000 as the figure of our subjugation not in Egypt but in Cyprus. Radiocarbon dating tells us that in ancient China they started using us as producers (of rats and mice) in our grain and wheat silos and warehouses but what fascinates us about our tabby cats is that inside each one, is a not very distant wild ancestor that is not terribly well veiled. This film will look at those thinly veiled behaviours between domestic cats and their wild cousins and ancestors, specifically to draw those parallels and to explain to 'owners' (if one ever owns a cat) what they are seeing when they watch their cat. We will use big cat footage of lions and cheetah hunting and show cats playing or hunting. There will be scenes on cats leaping, landing, running up trees like leopards and all the behaviour we are used to seeing in domestic cats, but drawn exactly from the wild equivalent.

Nat Geo Wild is on Starhub Channel 413 and Singtel Channel 207.

Part of Big Cat Week

Magnificent hunters. Ferocious predators. Powerful felines. From lions, tigers and cheetahs to jaguars, cougars and more — incredible big cats are revered around the world. Yet today, these majestic creatures are some of the most threatened species on Earth. During BIG CAT WEEK we will come face-to-face with these iconic animals, as Nat Geo WILD shines a light on their struggle and reminds viewers of their importance in the world.

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