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"Botswana: Battle for the Pride" on Nat Geo Wild

 Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

Botswana is home to the largest male lions on the planet but only 1 out of 8 males ever make it to adulthood. Lion cubs start their life vulnerable and weak and threats come from all sides. It takes years to learn all the skills they will need to become an apex predator and they must overcome many challenges, in order to survive. Understanding pride politics is a vital first lesson. Watching and learning everything from their family, young lions practice their killer moves on each other before moving on to prey. Within a couple of years they become strong, independent hunters, helping to feed the pride, but for some their days are numbered. Once fully grown, females become pride queens, taking their place at the side of the adult lionesses, but males are banished, no longer tolerated by the dominant male. They must learn to fend for themselves, out in no-mans land, and no-mans land is a dangerous place. Being part of a brotherhood gives them strength which they would not have alone. Together they can try to win themselves a new pride but there can only be one king.

Nat Geo Wild is on Starhub Channel 413 and Singtel Channel 207.

Part of Big Cat Week

Magnificent hunters. Ferocious predators. Powerful felines. From lions, tigers and cheetahs to jaguars, cougars and more — incredible big cats are revered around the world. Yet today, these majestic creatures are some of the most threatened species on Earth. During BIG CAT WEEK we will come face-to-face with these iconic animals, as Nat Geo WILD shines a light on their struggle and reminds viewers of their importance in the world.

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