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"Animal Babies" on BBC Earth

 Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Three heart-warming films about baby animals growing up in some incredibly challenging environments – in the mountains, on the open plains of Africa and around water. 

This series follows the first breaths, first steps and first feeds of some adorable baby animals, revealing the challenges they face to survive in some of the toughest but most beautiful places on the planet. 

On the vast savannahs of Africa, youngsters encounter the world’s top predators and face intense competition. Water babies must deal with threatening coasts and powerful currents. And in the rocky world of the mountains, food is scarce and the weather extreme. It’s a steep learning curve for all the babies. But, if they can learn from those around them, they might just overcome the hurdles that stand in their way. A good mix of dramatic and touching stories, combined with stunning photography and endearing animal babies makes this series perfect family viewing.

BBC Earth is on Starhub Channel 407.

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