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"Explorer – What Would Teddy Do?" on National Geographic Channel

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Most Americans agree that we're living through a volatile and tumultuous time. Our nation is changing rapidly, and not always for the better. Throughout the 2016 Presidential election, controversy, pessimism, and fear for our nation's future have dominated the headlines. Americans long for a hero to set us back on course... a dynamic, courageous, and incorruptible leader who truly believes we can be great again; someone, in fact, just like Teddy Roosevelt -a President both Republicans and Democrats adore. But if he were in the White House today, how would Teddy handle bitterly divisive issues like gun control, climate change, income inequality, and political dysfunction? This new EXPLORER special -What Would Teddy Do? -asks that very question -consulting some of America's most prominent politicians, historians and public figures for insights about how a modern-day TR might lead America towards a brighter future.

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