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"World’s Elephant Day" on Nat Geo Wild

Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

As a team of scientists struggles to find out how many elephants are left in Africa, they discover intriguing new behavior. In order to survive, the elephants are learning. They are clearly collaborating and passing information between them.The African elephant is way smarter than we ever realized.

Then exciting and specially commissioned research reveals yet more astonishing capabilities. Elephants can co-operate, they can problem-solve, they have self-awareness. Some would say they are conscious. They certainly exhibit empathy, grief, joy, fear and revengefulness. We are discovering that elephants must be considered alongside the great apes and cetaceans as one of the cleverest and most complex creatures on the planet. We are also losing them fast… Never before has so much ground breaking research been featured in one film about elephants.

Nat Geo Wild is on Starhub Channel 413 and Singtel Channel 207.