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"Nature's Greatest Dancers" on BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

From ballets to tangos, some animals seem to love dancing, performing carefully coordinated, fascinating moves. This series discovers the purpose behind every leap, wiggle and twirl.

Some animals perform amazing displays. Many are synchronised, even rhythmical. To the lay person, it may look like these animals are dancing. But since dance is a strictly human pursuit, what are they doing? This charming and humorous series discovers the scientific purpose behind their carefully choreographed moves. 

The first episode explores the moves animals make in pursuit of romance – from soliciting that first amorous glance to seeing off the competition, and of course the final act of seduction. The colourful cast of would-be lovers include beautiful birds of paradise strutting their stuff, ring-tailed lemurs flirting outrageously by waving their striking striped tails at the girls, and the tiny brown banana frog using martial arts to see off the competition.

The second episode takes a look at some of the extraordinary dance-like moves that animals perform to survive all aspects of life. We see lemurs ballet dancing and shrews doing the conga to get around, humpback whales performing a tightly synchronised routine to get a meal, and daredevil toads turning themselves into rubber balls and hurling themselves off cliffs to escape from predators.

BBC Earth is on Starhub Channel 407.

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