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"Nat Geo Originals - Dawn of Humanity" on National Geographic Channel

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

This documentary made for National Geographic TV and NOVA PBS chronicles one of the great fossil-finds of our time.

We were there filming as the discoveries were made and now they are rewriting the story of our human origins, filling in a mysterious million year gap in the fossil record of our evolution. In that gap is the dawn of humanity. It covers the crucial transition from the ape-like Australopithecus to the first members of our own Genus, the genus Homo the first humans.

This is arguably the most important episode in our evolution but until now it has been the least understood. No longer. From deep caves on the high plains of South Africa come finds of astonishing richness. Usually paleoanthropologists find single bone fragments: a piece of femur, a shoulder blade, a tooth. Here there are thousands and for the first time they shed remarkable light on the Dawn of Humanity.

National Geographic Channel is Starhub Channel 411 and Singtel Channel 201.