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"Big Cat Week – Big Cat Games" on Nat Geo Wild

 Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

THE BIG CAT GAMES is a high-end, high-profile television event that pits the world's most ferocious land predators against each other in a series of challenges that will push them to the limits of their athletic abilities.

Lions, cheetahs and tigers are the heavyweight hunters of the natural world and run, leap and stalk on a daily basis. But who's the reigning king of the wild?

THE BIG CAT GAMES finds out once and for all. With full access and support already in place with Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, we've carefully devised a series of tests that'll not only make great TV but will also genuinely advance our understanding of these big cats' behaviour.

Our big cats will go claw-to-claw in four events: the leap test, the bite test, the hunt and the swimming gala. Overseeing the Games will be big cats specialist Boone Smith - a man who has worked with ferocious felines across the world. Using an eye-popping combination of specially shot material - with rigs in all enclosures to capture every angle - the best archive and amazing CGI, Boone's expertise will bring the show to life, building the tension into a gripping climax as the ultimate champion prevails.

Nat Geo Wild is on Starhub Channel 413 and Singtel Channel 207.