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"World Cheetah Day" on Nat Geo Wild

 Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild

The African acacia woodland and grasslands are home to a spotted feline known for its speed and grace. Many cheetahs prowl the south-eastern open plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania. Safely secluded in the tall grass lies a cheetah mother with her five cubs. She relaxes while she nurses her new-born. These peaceful family moments are scarce though, as the female will soon have to leave her litter alone in their lair to hunt for food. Hunting is essential for the survival of herself and her young, but always risky. Catching and killing prey doesn't mean she always gets to eat it. Other predators, sometimes even her own family, often steal her food. Besides, her needy cubs are incredibly vulnerably without her. Left alone, they are exposed to the savagery of child murderers. Chances are high that two or three of her cubs will at some point be taken by lions. These powerful cats kill the cheetah cubs because they see them as future rivals, competing for the same food. Cheetah moms need both good skills and fortune to raise all of their young to adulthood.

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