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"Should I Eat Meat?" on BBC Earth

 Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Michael Mosley takes on a question that baffles and confuses many of us: what is the truth about meat and our health?

Meat – particularly red and processed meat – has been hitting the headlines but for all the wrong reasons. There have been stories saying that it’s a killer, that it causes cancer and that it can take years off your life.

But presenter Michael Mosley is sceptical about some of these scare stories. He wants to find out if red meats (beef, lamb and pork) and processed meats (bacon, ham and other cured meats like salami) are really as bad as we are led to believe.

In this programme, Michael meets the eminent scientists and doctors who have been studying meat for decades. From a study on vegetarian and meat-eating Seventh Day Adventists in Southern California to a Harvard research project that’s looked at the impact of processed meat compared to red meat, Michael finds out what the latest research suggest.

And along with the scientific investigation Michael embarks on a high meat diet to discover what happens when he eats twice as much as he normally does. After finding out what the scientists think, Michael has a health check at to see what has happened to his cholesterol and blood pressure.

Will meat still be on the menu?

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