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"T Rex Autopsy" on National Geographic Channel

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

For years, palaeontologists have been piecing together a picture of one of the largest carnivores of all time.

They have scanned its bones and analysed its fossils... but now, for the very first time, the unimaginable will be accomplished, something that has never been attempted before: a full dinosaur autopsy.

Using cutting-edge special effects techniques, and in collaboration with esteemed veterinary surgeons, anatomists and palaeontologists, this ground-breaking event features the world's first full-size reconstruction of an anatomically complete Tyrannosaurs Rex.

The massive monster is life-like inside and out, giving scientists the chance to touch it, smell it and cut it open from head to toe for the first time, exploring questions like: how did T. Rex feed with those tiny arms? Was T. Rex warm-blooded like a mammal, or cold-blooded like a lizard? How did T. Rex procreate?

Half gruesome monster film, and all science, T. Rex Autopsy is a special that both aspiring and reformed dinosaur fanatics will find engrossing.

National Geographic Channel is on Starhub Channel 411 and Singtel TV Channel 201.