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"Bigger Than T Rex" on National Geographic Channel

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

It's the largest killer ever to walk the Earth. Razor sharp teeth... meter long jaws... sickle-shaped claws. And if you think we're talking about T Rex... think again.

This is Spinosaururs. Its massive proportions and the 6-foot sail lining its back-make it one of the most bizarre creatures ever discovered. It's also among the most mysterious. Only one Spinosaurus skeleton that was more than just a few bones has ever been discovered. That was one hundred years ago in the Egyptian desert by a German aristocrat named Ernst Stromer.

35 years later, it was destroyed in World War Two. Now, a new skeleton has emerged from the Sahara, with all the telltale signs of Spinosaurus and palaeontologists  Paul Sereno and Nizar Ibrahim race to introduce it to the world.

In detective story fashion, we follow the scientists through their cloak and dagger attempt to track down the skeleton's origins, reimagine the dinosaur digitally, and reassemble it in all its predatory glory.

Archival photographs and drawings from Stromer's lost skeleton combine with CT-scanned modern day bones to make Spinosaurus the first life size predatory dinosaur machined from a digital model. And it's one from the record books. The new data confirms this was not only the biggest carnivore ever to walk the earth 49 feet in length, 15% longer than the largest Tyrannosaurus - it was also amphibious, the only water-going dinosaur ever found.

Cutting-edge science. African adventures. World Wars. Nazis. Clandestine fossils. All converge in one incredible saga to resurrect one of the most mysterious creatures ever to walk the Earth.

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