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"Life Below Zero" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: Patrick Cummings (BBC Worldwide)

Photo Credit: Patrick Cummings (BBC Worldwide)

Follow the drama and hardships faced by four Alaskan households living off the grid in this merciless territory as they battle to survive the long, dark, freezing winter.

The huge US state of Alaska boasts some of the world’s most deadly weather, with temperatures regularly plummeting to a lethal -62 degree Celsius, freezing exposed limbs in minutes.

Yet it is also home to some of the toughest, most resilient, most isolated people in the world. Living miles from the nearest road network and completely cut off once winter descends; they spend months preparing for the big freeze.

The series follows the stories of people like hunter Chip and his native Inupiaq wife Agnes, who live with their seven children on the Kobuk River in the north west of Alaska. The family moves seasonally to track down the best hunt, pitching tents in the snow or on ice, and everyone plays an active part in keeping the family alive.

For all of those featured – whether they’re lone wolves or have families – life in the Alaskan bush is all about survival in the face of unrelenting weather, scarce resources and man-eating carnivores.

If they don’t plan it right, they might not make it to spring.