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"Dolphins - Spy in the Pod" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: Rob Pilley (John Downer Productions )

Photo Credit: Rob Pilley (John Downer Productions )

Using the trademark blend of extraordinary imagery, analysis of behaviour and moments of humour, the latest Spy series looks at the secret lives of one of the world’s most popular and charismatic of animals – the dolphin.

Dolphins are one of the most social and playful animals on the planet. They develop strong family and group relationships and often work with other species to find a meal, whilst having plenty of fun along the way.

This BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) blue chip series focusses on a wild bottlenose dolphin pod off the coast of Mozambique, exploring the unexpected and often never before seen aspects of dolphin behaviour, providing fascinating new insights into their lives.

As with all the Spy programmes, specially designed cameras and the latest technology allows the series to really get to know the species. For the first time, state of the art ‘SpyCreatures’ infiltrate the dolphins’ underwater world, often interacting and engaging the curiosity of the dolphins themselves, offering a unique glimpse of their intelligence and personalities.

A trained double agent dolphin, with cameras on its back and sides, brings back unique footage of its encounters and the unseen behaviour from right inside the pod.