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"Bang Goes The Theory" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: Ian Derry (BBC)

Photo Credit: Ian Derry (BBC)

BBC Worldwide commissioned series, Bang Goes The Theory, returns with another high-energy series with presenters Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield, and Maggie Philbin as they explain the world we live in, and what’s going to change it.

In the latest series, the team explores the connection between the recent flooding and global warming; if a Rolls Royce jet engine can help detect secondary brain injuries; will we eventually run out of power; and how do global relief efforts help the emergency services?

Jem creates a low-tech computer and storage system with hacksaw blades and magnets; Liz looks at a human brain growing in a petri dish and explores how it may pave the way for a cure to diseases like Alzheimer’s; and Maggie visits a lab where healthy patients are infected with flu, and witnesses exactly how it attacks.

On top of that, the trio also tackles subjects as diverse as the UK’s ailing railways, the big data revolution, the hunt for new energy supplies energy and advances in the treatment of cancer – offering the definitive guide to every aspect of the science.