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"The Supervet 2" on BBC Earth

 Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Taking life-saving care to a whole new level, Fitzpatrick Referrals is the last-chance saloon for Britain's most sick and injured pets.

With two hundred new cases every month, from rabbits with broken legs to dogs with cancer, Fitzpatrick Referrals is one of the biggest and best veterinary hospitals in the world. Every animal emergency has a deeply human subtext and we meet the owners to hear their emotional stories. 

Charismatic and witty surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick leads a team of 100 nurses, physiotherapists and hydro-therapists. With a rehabilitation pool and a radiology department, the level of care would satisfy human patients. Noel and his team push the boundaries of veterinary science, even implanting bionic limbs. Their medical miracles bring joy to grateful owners who'd been told to give up hope.

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