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"Snow Wolf Family & Me" on BBC Earth

 Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Cameraman Gordon Buchanan wants to find out more about the Arctic wolf, a notoriously elusive and feared predator. This heart-warming series follows Gordon as he attempts to gain the trust of a wild wolf pack and its three pups, revealing the true nature of this remarkable animal.

Wolves are one of the most iconic and fascinating animals on earth, yet biologists have never been able to follow the detail of their lives in the wild. Until now, our knowledge has come from captive animals and occasional glimpses in the wild.

Gordon Buchanan wants to get to know a wild wolf family so he can gain a better understanding of one of the world’s favourite and often feared animals. On Canada’s Ellesmere Island lives a population of wolves so remote they are naive to man. It is in this extreme location that Gordon must try to gain the trust of a wild wolf pack and its three pups. Will these animals consider Gordon as prey or a competitor? And will they ever let a human into their pack?

From the dramatic moment when Luna’s vulnerable three cubs emerge from her den for the first time, to Gordon’s attempts to be accepted by the pack, this is a year of joy, emotion and drama in Canada’s high Arctic wilderness.

BBC Earth is on Starhub Channel 407.