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"Wonderful World of Blood" on BBC Earth

 Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Each of us carries within us eight pints of an extraordinary liquid – blood. It makes up 10% of our bodyweight and is vital to our survival. But how much do we really know about this sticky, red substance and its mysterious, life-giving force?

Wonderful World of Blood sees Michael Mosley put himself through some extreme challenges to discover how our blood protects us from infection, heals us when we’re wounded, and powers our lives. He undergoes experiments including entering a low-oxygen environment to supercharge his blood and boost his physical fitness; poisoning his blood with a vial of viper venom in order to see it clot; doing a state-of-the-art body scan to chart every artery and vein in his body; and going white-water rafting to discover how his blood’s defences combat stress.

The programme explores the dark mythology around blood, and meets the scientists on the cusp of discovering whether there’s any truth in the ‘Dracula myth’ – that young blood can reverse the ageing process.

Packed with absorbing stories about the science of blood – from the grisly history of transfusion to pioneering medical engineering – The Wonderful World of Blood is a comprehensive take on a subject that’s central to our survival. 

Always engaging and inquisitive, Michael animates each story in his uniquely accessible style.

BBC Earth is on Starhub Channel 407.