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"Africa's Giant Killers" on BBC Earth

 Photo Credit: BBC Earth

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

In the Kalahari Desert’s Savute Channel, Africa’s largest herd of elephants and a fearless pride of young lions come face to face in an epic fight for survival. The dawn of the giant killers has arrived.

Africa's Giant Killers follows a pride of seven lions, two mature lionesses and their offspring, as they learn to hunt for themselves. The young males have one year left before they must leave the safety of the pride. As the dry season advances, Savute becomes the only source of water for over 50 miles. Prey floods the area, along with thousands of elephants, lured by the promise of food and water. Lions would never normally regard an elephant as prey due to their superior size and strength, but conditions in Savute become so extreme that the elephants start to succumb to dehydration and malnutrition. 

As the elephants get weaker, the lions become bolder. When the lions manage to isolate an adolescent male elephant from the herd, and then bring him down by working together as a pride, they become fully-fledged giant killers. Finally the rains arrive and the surviving elephants can escape, but Savute has become home to a new generation of Giant Killers.

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