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"Wild Shepherdess" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: Indus FIlms

Photo Credit: Indus FIlms

English television presenter, Kate Humble, lives with shepherds in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, discovering how an ancient way of life has become a billion dollar global industry.

A growing population and global market forces are changing the shape of farming forever. In order to feed the world, we must industrialise, but is intensive farming economically and environmentally sustainable? And what happens to the traditional farmers whose livelihoods depend on their animals?

Kate Humble bought her own farm in Wales two years ago. In this immersive series she lives and works with both small-scale, traditional shepherds and technology driven industrial farmers to find out what it takes to be an expert herder. At a time when traditional farming is under threat, Kate experiences some of the oldest animal husbandry on the planet to learn the skills that have fed and clothed us for centuries, and learns about the pressures that are facing farmers around the globe.