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"Orangutans: The Great Ape Escape" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Follow orangutan Leonora and her adorable baby as they are released into the forests of Borneo. Can they survive without the support of humans in this big wild world?

Leonora is part of a groundbreaking and ambitious project attempting to create a brand new population of orangutans from a group of rescued orphans.

All of the orangutans due for release are graduates of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s Forest School. The school has taught them the skills they need to survive, from how to find different sources of food to how to build nests for sleeping and even that they belong in the trees!

After eight years of living on an island with private health care and twice daily deliveries of the freshest fruit and vegetables, life is going to be much more challenging in the wild. If they don’t get used to a wild life in the trees, they could find themselves heading back to school…