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"Welcome to India" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Welcome to India is an observational three-part documentary series in which ordinary Indians take you by the hand and show you how their world works.  

If you think it’s incredible how our planet somehow supports 7 billion, what about the fact that one in six of us lives and thrives in just one country?

India may have a lot of people, but that is precisely what makes Indians incredibly good at making the most of every opportunity: they are ingenious entrepreneurs, ambitious and resilient, and the wiliest operators you’ll come across. 

From a shipbreaker who dismantles ocean going ships with a handheld acetylene torch, and the gold panner who makes a good livelihood from the tiny particles of gold dust he retrieves from Calcutta’s drains; to the feisty and ambitious lady who’s building a waste bottle sorting empire on a railway embankment, delve into the heart of India as this series uncovers the incredible and visually arresting stories of the lives of the Indian people.