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"Duck Quacks Don't Echo" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Duck Quacks Don’t Echo is a comedy entertainment show about amazing facts and trivia.

Presented by award-winning comedian and actor, Lee Mack, every episode sees three celebrity contestants bring with them an incredible fact each. The point of the show is simple: Who has the best fact? They all believe that their fact is absolutely true and they’ll all argue passionately for why it should win. The winner of the show is ultimately the person who has the best true fact.

How it works:

  • Fact Off - The three guests reveal their favourite fact and try to see if it is true. The fact proving segments are narrated by television and radio journalist, John Sergeant
  • Fact Finder - Each of the three guests choose an audience member who has a fact which is given to three experts who reveal if the facts are true or not
  • Mack's Fact - The guest with the highest score takes part in a fact Mack wants to prove

So, do duck quacks echo?