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"Inside the Animal Mind" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Do animals think? And what do they know? A revolution is occurring in how science understands animal minds and it is providing remarkable answers.

Long-standing theories about how animals think are being overturned. Instead of simplistic attempts to rank animals through IQ, zoologists are exploring the animal mind on a much broader scale. Their approach is revealing the truth about how animals understand the world around them; uncovering their problem-solving abilities, their emotional understanding and exploring the complexity of their powers of communication.

Follow naturalist and wildlife expert Chris Packham in this fascinating series, as he explores these breakthroughs through three iconic creatures – dogs, birds and dolphins – and discovers how the origins and causes of animals’ cognitive abilities lie in their environment.

Inside the Animal Mind premieres today at 9:55pm (SIN/HK) on BBC Knowledge.