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"Hands and Feet" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Explore the extraordinary anatomy of hands and feet and discover why they have been fundamental to human development.

More than almost any other piece of anatomy, our hands and feet hold the true secret to humanity. They have allowed us to manipulate and master the natural world. They have allowed us to stand upright, build the world we see around us and are a vital part of what makes us human.

In this programme, science and wildlife presenter, Dr George McGavin and a team of specialist anatomists unpick the secrets of human hands and feet. In a dissection theatre, George watches as hands and feet are taken apart, piece by piece – skin, muscles, veins, tendons and bones. As each component is revealed, experiments and breakaway films explore its story in more detail.

From the evolutionary importance of thumbs to the 52 bones in our feet, our hands and feet hold many secrets that set us apart from every other creature on the planet. This series reveals importance of two of the most complex and beautiful engineered pieces of anatomy in the human body.

Hands and Feet premieres on Tuesday (11 November) at 9:55pm (SIN/HK) on BBC Knowledge.