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"The Hunt" on History

 Photo Credit: History

Photo Credit: History

Kodiak Island, Alaska is home to 13,000 islanders who brave some of the toughest terrain and weather conditions in the country. But they're not alone on the island. Kodiak is also home to the largest and deadliest bear in the world: the Kodiak brown bear.

Growing up to 12 feet tall and 1800 pounds, these beasts are armed with razor sharp claws and a bite force of 1200 pounds, making them a serious danger to the small communities on the island. Male Kodiak bears are known to eat their young, so the hunts are also beneficial to the long-term survival of the species because it removes that threat and allows the bear population to grow. Bear hunting season opens for six weeks, twice a year, giving the natives a small window to keep the population in check.

People come from around the world for a chance to take on the bears, but they can only hunt the Kodiak bear if they hire a local islander guide - men who really know Bear Country - so the hunt is also a big payday for the residents.

The Hunt premieres on Thursday (2 October) at 10:00pm (SIN/HK) on History.