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"How to Build a Planet" on BBC Knowledge

 Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

Photo Credit: BBC Knowledge

With his trademark wit, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond takes on the ultimate engineering project: how on earth do you build a planet that is just right for life? What do you need to build a planet like ours, and what happens if you get anything wrong?

With eye-popping graphics, Richard opens up a cosmic toolbox to work it out. He's going to build the whole thing, piece by piece, from the top of a two-mile high tower in the Californian desert.

This exciting series draws on specially filmed interviews with the world’s top scientists and engineers starting with the raw materials of gas, dust, ice and metal, uses stunning interactive CGI to show step by step how a world is put together.

How to Build a Planet premieres on Tuesday (7 October) at 10:50pm (SIN/HK) on BBC Knowledge.