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The Ultimate Guide to Singapore Science Festival 2015

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The biggest celebration of science and innovation is back with over 50 events and activities being lined up from 10 July to 2 August.

With so many events taking places nationwide, I have taken the liberty of creating the ultimate guide for you to get the most out of this year’s Singapore Science Festival. Click the names of the various events highlighted in the summary description  to head over to the events page to register or set reminders. Have fun!

Before continuing, it is worth nothing that a key feature of SSF 2015 is that most of the events are free for the public.

By making it free, we remove hindrance from every level of society so that the public to be able to engage and see science for themselves. One thing we are aware of is that our children spend a lot of their time inside the classroom and we think it is equal important to spend time outside the classroom in the different settings. This is what we want to bring to the public through all these events.
— Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore


X-periment! at VivoCity

VivoCity is the epicenter of this year's Singapore Science Festival. 

From 10 to 12 July, happening at VivoCity level 1 Central Court is X-periment!, the science carnival which celebrates the developments and research work in the field of the science and technology.

While checking out the booths, be sure to stick around for the Science Shows performed by Science Bob, who comes all the way from the US. He was also featured on BTS 029: Elepant Toothpaste Explosion in which he performed a visually exciting science demonstration on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Expect explosions, liquid nitrogen and magic made possible by science.

While at VivoCity from 11 to 12 July, head over to the East and West Boulevard Atrium for the 8th edition of the Science Buskers Festival and let teams of science enthusiasts aged 7 to 70 win your heart with their passionate presentations on an array of science topics. Your votes will help determine the outcome of this competition!

To top it all off, on the night of 10 July, head up the VivoCity Sky Park for Sidewalk Astronomy, an activity where the public can use private telescopes set up by a passionate group of astro-enthusiasts. Check out my article on their SG50 event earlier this year when they broke the record for the largest gathering of private telescopes in Singapore.


Maker Faire Singapore at Tampines

Getting a big upsize from last year's Mini Maker Faire, the Maker Faire Singapore 2015 is the first full fledged Maker Faire in Southeast Asia.

Being held on 11 to 12 July at Tampines,  immerse yourself in the DIY culture of Singapore that is made possible by ever growing Maker community of Singapore that is more willing to share their passion in this supercharged D&T showcase!

While marveling at the innovations from all ages, sit in three series of talks that touches more on the various facets of being a Maker in Singapore. The Business of Making Forum is for entrepreneur Makers looking to monetise their ideas. Making For Social Change is for the socialpreneurs Makers looking to make a positive change to their environment. And lastly, Making in Education Forum has eminent speakers discuss the Maker movement and how it impacts education. 

Also launching at the event is the book "Busy Hands, Happy Hearts" which features families who had worked together making and tinkering together.

After the conclusion of the Maker Faire, there will be a Makerspaces Tour the next day on 13 July, which is an informal tour to the key makerspaces in Singapore

Events at Science Centre Singapore

In this period of SSF 2015, you can expect a slew of events and activities at Science Centre Singapore.

Brain Fest, a zombie themed activity to be held on 25 and 26 July will  make you use your observation, communication and problem solving skills to the test.

There's also iBrain 7 Workshop and World War Genes Workshop which dives into issues about neuroscience and germline modification research respectively.

On 29 July, EUREKA, the scientific challenge 'for the students by the students', promises to push the boundaries of its participants with challenges that are have been integrated with the exhibits inside Science Centre Singapore.

Other fringe activities includes the Transformable Straw Structures Workshop, a panel discussion on Singapore's biology and the display of the Singapore Statistics Poster Competition.

InterPlay, the interactive exhibition that I recently reviewed will still be ongoing during the festival.


Events at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre

From 21 to 24 July, the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre will be home to some fascinating engineering-related events.

First on the list is the World Engineer Submit on Climate Change 2015, a showcase of the latest green and sustaining engineering solution. Happening just alongside it is the 3 day long Energy Innovation Challenge where students are provided opportunities to work with professional engineering and business mentors.

The most happening day at Suntec would be on 23 July with a quaduprle dose of activities that includes HuGGler, an interaction pet companion demonstration, Magic of Engineering, an action-packed presentation of magic made possible through engineering, a Robot Programming Workshop and a special presentation on "Marrying" Nature with Nanotechnology.


Paid Events

While most of the events are free, these last 4 events that on the list require some money, but they are definitely well worth it.

22 to 24 July will be when Professor Danielle George from the University of Manchester will be conducting the STAR Lecture titled "Sparks Will Fly: How to Hack Your Home". For $10, you can buy a ticket to witness this show live at the MediaCorp TV Theatre, which is one of the best seats to watch this top-class show about science.

If you are unable to get a ticket, you can still watch a delayed television broadcast of the STAR Lecture on MediaCorp Channel 5 on 19 October.

Singapore's local attractions are also opening their doors up during SSF 2015. The Singapore Zoo and River Safari will hold an Animals In The Pink and Fishy Business event respectively to show hungry minds to learn more about animals and curious eyes to learn what goes behind-the-scenes in caring for the animals in these incredible facilities.

Last on this Paid Events list is the only activity in SSF 2015 where you can stay overnight, in the Underwater World no less! The Living In The Ocean activity is surely going to be one of the most memorable ways to spend a family night out. 

Singapore Science Festival 2015 Cover.jpg

Events All Over Singapore

Even with the 4 main hotspots and the paid events covered, there is still a ton of events and activities all around Singapore.

Click on the links listed before to head over to the OKJ Discoveries Events Page for all the info.

The Singapore Science Festival 2015 is truly going to make July an amazing joyride through science, innovation and knowledge. I hope you found this guide the links to the events page of OKJ Discoveries useful in discovering an event or two and reminding you on its timing and location.

And remember... Be Intrigued... Stay Curious...