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OKJ at Interplay: Taking Science To The Interactive Extreme


Interplay is an exhibition "where science meets art". Like many exhibitions, its interactive stations are a key drawing factor - and in that aspect, Interplay raises the bar.

Interplay's 21 installations, 19 of which are interactive, will let you and your loved ones interact with digital technologies in ways both entertaining and refreshing.

The interactive installations of Interplay really raises my expectation for interactive stations in other exhibitions. Each installation is distinctively different from the rest, making each visit to the next a very pleasant experience.

Here are some of my favourite installations:

Game Border

The "Game Border" is a game by Jun Fujiki where you play the iconic Mario as he travels through the different ages of video gaming, represented by 10 gaming devices that includes the game boy, NES and Kinect. It is just visually entertaining as Mario travels between the various consoles and games - at one point you even control Mario as he go through a Resident Evil passage!

Fujiki describes the borders as not limited to the physical, but also reflect the borders of recognition and society.

Deep Space

 Photo Credit: Science Centre Singapore

Photo Credit: Science Centre Singapore

This is a multidimensional space also by ARS ELECTRONICA Futurelab that you can enter. You will be transported into space and travel from Earth to the ends of the Milky Way. You will also dive into the deep ocean, populated by fishes created by you and other visitors just before entering the installation.

It is just a fantastic visual experience that takes advantage of 3D glasses very well.

Sandbox Ocean

Take sand, an Xbox Kinect and a projector and the people at Breeze Creative had created a seemingly magical sandbox that bends the physical and digital environment together. You can dig holes in the sandbox and it will be become part of the ocean. Create hills and they will be coloured green.

The landscape is yours to manipulate. Adding to the magical experience is the ability to wave your hands over an area and making it will come alive with trees and animals like crabs and starfishes.

There are other installations on my must-experience list, but if I put them all in, this post will be too long! Do check out these installations - Earth Patrol, basically the arcade game made of dreams of all boys, as well as the kinetic light sculpture that I used as the main photo of this article, a smart use of light and motion to that will leave you in awe.

Interplay aspired to be an exhibition that celebrates the coming together of Art and Science, and they succeeded. Regardless of your age and scientific background, you will get something out of the exhibit - For the kids, excitement for science. For the adults, appreciation for it. Or both, because why not?

Interplay runs until 16 August 2015 at The Annexe of Science Centre Singapore. Tickets are priced at S$13 for adults and S$9 for children. For more information, visit