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Use Your RoadSense: A More Inclusive Campaign for Road Safety

Use Your RoadSense Dialogue - 3.JPG.jpg

To improve road safety by moving beyond law enforcement - that was the main aim behind the multi-partner, multi-disciplinary dialogue held by the Traffic Police on 7 April 2015.

There is a need to inculcate good "Road Sense" in Singapore and the Traffic Police had taken a different approach from the usual practices used in this "campaign city".

Use Your RoadSense Facebook page had been created where road users can share their views and opinions. Further dialogue sessions and avenues of conversations between various road user groups, experts and the Traffic Police, have also been planned in this inclusive and co-creative approach to craft road safety initiatives that the public can identify with and relate to.

Be part of the conversation, make your voice heard, and together we can build a safer road culture for all of us.