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OKJ Discoveries Turns 2: Reinventions and Ambitions

 Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Two years ago, I started OKJ Discoveries as an attempt to pave a way to my dream job of being a knowledge communicator and stand with the giants of that field.

I had always described OKJ Discoveries to others as similar to National Geographic, BBC Knowledge and other knowledge channel - offering contents of awe and inspiration, a peep to this amazing world for everyone from an explorer to an explorer-at-heart.

And in that area, I hope to be like Dr Neil Tyson or Bill Nye, inspirational figures and sources of knowledge for the masses.

OKJ Discoveries had been reinvented numerous times throughout the past year - a complete overhaul the website's design, a new better way of showcasing Documentary Premieres and the introduction of new content are indicators that OKJ Discoveries is growing and improving to quench your thirst of curiosities.

And as this is still a one man show (though hopefully not for long), I had decided to conclude the Mind Bomb series. It was a series that had been with OKJ Discoveries since it first began, and it was grounds for me to improve my writing and explore a multitude of subjects that would appeal to curious minds.

The lessons that I had learned from writing 37 Mind Bombs were vital, and in many ways Mind Bombs lives on as it gives birth to OKJ Projects and BEHIND THE SCiENcE, 2 new categories of content that I hope you will really enjoy.

BEHIND THE SCiENcE celebrates knowledge content that had gone viral with the added value of simple explanation to inspire people to peep further into the usual 15 seconds of viral fame of a subject.

OKJ Projects will injects first-hand experiential learning from my part to create written and video documentaries that gravitates attention and keep people in awe.

When I critique myself on how far I am towards my dream, OKJ Discoveries is still very much a work-in-progress, and I have a feeling it always will be.

There are more exciting things in the pipeline as I learn from those around me who are truly inspiring and influential in the growth of OKJ Discoveries, of which I am really thankful.

Stick around for the ride ahead, because if the past few months are any indication, being with OKJ Discoveries is about to get awesome!