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Tiger Beer Mockumentaries: No harm in a little fun

 Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

In the deluge of simi sai also SG50, it is refreshing to see a brand use SG50 as what it represents - a remembrance of our past.

Following the "discovery" of a mysterious crate found in a pre-war bunker, Tiger Beer sent me a crate containing documents regarding their latest marketing campaign on the heritage of both its world-acclaimed beer and Singapore.

While this campaign is tagged along the new limited edition "1965" packaging of Tiger Beers during this festive year as well as some other promotions, I am more interested in Tiger Beer's "Unofficial Official History of Singapore" mockumentaries which had been produced to, quote, "explore the origins of some of Singapore's icons in a light hearted manner".

Released today on, we got to see the "real story" behind our all-time favourite staple, Chicken Rice with part 2 featuring the ever-iconic Kallang Wave to be released soon.

The mockumentary is a short but well made 45 sec video explaining "Who invented the Chicken Rice?" 

 A well produced video with snippets of bonus content!

A well produced video with snippets of bonus content!

Of course, here at OKJ Discoveries, answers to your curiosities are to be accurate, and while knowledge (usually of the historical nature) are at times used loosely like a "based on a true story" movie, it is my responsibility to give you resources to learn more about the "official" official history of Singapore.

You can read all about the origin of the Hainaese Chicken rice via this link.

And if you can't wait to learn about the origin of the Kallang Wave before the premiere of Tiger Beer's second documentary, Andrew Tan over at has a pretty comprehensive piece about the Kallang Wave and how it was engraved into the Singapore culture.

This is not to say that I disapprove of Tiger Beer's ways. If their campaign had led you into getting interested about finding out about the actual origin of the Kallang Wave and Chicken Rice, then this is a case of a win-win situation.

With no harm intended or caused, I say sit back and enjoy this refreshing approach of storytelling while enjoying an equally refreshing sip of Tiger Beer. Cheers!