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The Singtel Wi-Fi combo experience (With free mobile data giveaway)

 Photo Credit: Singtel

Photo Credit: Singtel

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So, I'm sure that many people have been curious on SingTel's recently launched Wi-Fi integrated Combo plans.

 Look out for this logo on your next shopping trip.

Look out for this logo on your next shopping trip.

The main draw of these new plans is the addition of a high-speed Wi-Fi service that is exclusive to SingTel users. Furthermore, SingTel has also announced a promotion of unlimited Wi-Fi until 31 July 2015 for early adopters. Over 100 premium SingTel hotspots was available at launch last August, with 181 hotspots at the point of this writing.

Being rolled out in high human traffic locations and underground MRT stations as of now, SingTel promises to increase the number of hotspots to approximately 1000 hotspots by March 2015 and double of that in March 2016. You can check where all the spots are either on the SingTel app or via this link:

At a $3 increase from the original flexi plans, the new combo plans comes with the new exclusive Wi-Fi, but there's more that truly brings the value. In this situation, the phrase "newer is always better" rings true.

Outgoing talk time and SMS on combo plans had also been increased in comparison to their flexi plan descendants. Personally, it was a much needed update to meet the behaviours of the modern user.

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Nonetheless, these Combo plans are something new, and that always offers up uncertainties.

Just like anyone, I have questions about how this is different to other "normal" plans and whether it is actually, you know, any good.

  1. Is the exclusive Wi-Fi worthwhile to have or just an afterthought?
  2. How is the experience of using Wi-Fi with 4G? (Is it that fast, is it easy to switch between them just as advertised?)
  3. Will my user behaviour be different now that I am using a Wi-Fi service that has a data limit?

SingTel has given me a trial of their Combo 2 plan and I’ll be sharing my experience of the plan with everyone over the next 2 month. Hopefully this would serve as a helpful reference when making when you’re making a decision on which plan to take up!

Follow me on twitter for quick thoughts about the plan during my review as well as connect with me to ask any questions that you may have about the plans, I'll try to answer as many of them as possible with recounts of my first-hand experience.

Giveaway Details

SingTel is also offering existing customers a chance to add on 2GB of data per month on top of their exisitng data plan for an ENTIRE YEAR in yet another way I am rewarding my readers :)

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