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LG G Pro 2 review: Playing with tradition

 Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

When reviewing a gadget, I explore Singapore to find a location suitable for the photoshoot that accompanies the article.

A location that amplifies the characteristics of the gadget, photos that are beautiful and a simple review. This is a new format of reviewing I am trying out, be sure to give me your opinions!

Now on to the review of the LG G Pro 2.

 Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

The location for LG G Pro 2's photoshoot was the Singapore Botanic Garden. Why? Because of the picture you saw at the beginning of the post.

I wanted to find something that captured the seamless front of the LG G Pro 2. The only thing I could think of was finding a giant mirror to literally reflect that characteristics.

 This swan really loves the attention. Taken with LG G Pro 2 Burst Shots / Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

This swan really loves the attention. Taken with LG G Pro 2 Burst Shots / Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

In the end, it was the serenity of this lake coupled with the late afternoon clouds that made it into this article.

The area was also a place where I could test out the phone's camera, a 13mp OIS camera that really impressed me as I captured the natural beauty which surrounded me.

Below the camera are the only 3 physical buttons that you will find on the device.

A bold decision by LG to be different, this physical characteristics does make the LG G Pro 2 stand out from the smartphone crowd aesthetically, but it may not be one that people consider that highly.

Yes, the argument LG makes that we use our index finger most of the time when interacting with our phones and the things around us is right.

And yes, by placing the buttons at a sweet spot at the back of the phone where your index finger is likely to rest means it is more natural to use buttons placed on the back.

When the LG G2 first appeared with this bold design, I was sceptical, but after trying the LG G Pro 2 out for about a week, I am now a believer.

I do feel that it more natural than the traditional button placements, and with the ever increasing size of top tier smartphones like the LG G Pro 2,  that argument is just getting stronger.

However, only a small pocket of consumers will resonate with this unique selling point.

 Photo Credit: LG

Photo Credit: LG

Another unique feature, the Knock Code. Yet another step away from tradition, Knock Code is a variation from the usual swipe lock - basically tapping on the 9 different spots rather than swiping.

It is usually, though certainly isn't compelling enough for me to include as a deciding factor.

So the LG G Pro 2 is actually as good as the other top tier smartphones out there, and it tries to play with tradition to be unique. It is a good approach, but one which they may have to rethink, because they are still missing something vital - an identity.

I was hard pressed when thinking about the identity LG G Pro 2, which was a critical factor on my choice of location. The Singapore Botanic Gardens was chosen because of the lake, but that can be found in many other places, and there is nothing else that Singapore Botanic Gardens exude that is the same with the phone. 

The lack of identity may not be part of the equation on how good a phone is, but it certainly is part of the equation on how successful its sales are.

LG isn't really the first brand that most people think about when buying a new phone. It has a lot of marketing and innovative work to do before standing with the other top tier phone manufacturers.

The LG G Pro 2 may had found a pocket of people who appreciated its back button, and I think that is a great first step. The question is now what will LG do to treasure these first adopters and what will they do to appeal to the masses. May another bold feature is needed?

What do you think LG should do to make their phones stand out? Comment below or over my Facebook page.

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