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3 more life lessons I learned after a year of blogging

1. Character – It is the most valuable asset

In life, networking is important. It is probably one of the most fundamental ways of getting ahead. In the context of OKJ Discoveries, I learned how my character was the most valuable asset when making my business partners confident of my blog, which is still quite small or even insignificant when viewed in comparison to others.

But I believed that OKJ Discoveries has the potential to be great, and this vision is best delivered by me. I used to think that I am not good enough, and had to act as a different self to ensure my success. I kept on trying hard – Trying to be different, to be unique.

But it is tiresome when not being myself, and for the experienced players in the field, it is easy to see through this superficial self, thus working against what I hope to achieve. Ultimately, I wondered why not just be myself. Being myself is the most honest thing I can do, and if I carry myself in the right way, it is also the best thing I can do.

Through multiple opportunities to present my worth to PR companies and brands, I honed my craft of carrying myself and gaining essential votes of confidence to make OKJ Discoveries a success.

I want them to believe in me, and therefore believe in what I can achieve through OKJ Discoveries, and my character is the only pillar in which the future of OKJ Discoveries can be built on. With each interaction, I inch ever so closer to success.

I also felt better of myself. I feel empowered, yet I am still myself, and even more so than when I started a year ago.

So next time if you feel that you need to be better by being different. Don’t change yourself, embrace it! Carry yourself properly and others will see you for what you truly are, and that is, in all its worth, the most unique thing you can ever do.

2. Accomplishment – Appreciate even the smallest of it

Life will throw quite a lot of obstacles in one’s way, and it will get us down every now and then, sometimes for long periods of time. But there are always pockets of positive encouragement and happiness.

Many people, once again myself included, thought of this as insignificant and almost a sense of false hope that should be ignored all together. But through my journey of bringing OKJ Discoveries to what it is today, I realize how important it is to appreciate the smallest of accomplishments.

Acknowledging all my small accomplishments will snowball into a great source of motivation, one which I constantly rely on when striving for greater goals and milestones.

Even now I am excited to see my daily views being higher than the last, or when a new follower is kind enough to subscribe to my blog.

I also feel that cherishing these little things keeps one humble while reaching for those goals. It keeps me rooted, ensuring that I am not blinded by success.

When one finds success in life, humility ensures that he is not blinded by it. Humility is a value that one should instill in his character, which fits pretty nicely with the first post of this article.

It will also come in handy for the next point.

3. Perspective – The key to knowing where I am and where I should go

As I began my blogging career, I naturally looked up to the famous bloggers of Singapore. I am at awe of their success and wondered how they got there, the latter part being key to success.

Most people are blinded by the glowing success, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was one of them. The exhilarating beginning of OKJ Discoveries didn’t help as well, for it was quite misleading. I had a great start within the first few months, and had already been to at least 2 dozen events, not to mention opportunities to review products and try them about before it was even on sale.

I thought I was already playing with the big boys and gals of the game, but when I took a step back to look at where I was, I realize it was an illusion.

I noticed that made progress that mattered little in the big picture, and for the time and effort put in, it hardly seemed worth it. It is at this point that many would be bloggers would just leave it all together, to find another venture that they find more worthy of their attention.

But instead, I revisited the success stories of the blogsphere. I looked at how they started and what it took to get them to where they are today. By doing so, I found my berrings.

This was crucial, because much like navigating through the seas, you have to first find out where you are before you can plan how to get to where you want to go.

I studied the various factors of these bloggers, the years they took, the struggles they had and the lessons they learnt (many are actually quite happy to share their experience, much like how I am sharing mine now).

Through this, I also realized that it takes more effort to reach the next level than it was to reach the last one.

It is much like the theory of special relativity, in which as an object travels faster, its mass increases. But as the mass of the object increases, it takes more and more energy to increase its speed any further.

It will be an uphill climb, one that is steep and sometimes slippery, but one that has a summit, after which the path of progression is easier – Or at least that’s what I think. I’ll let you know when I reach there and see it for myself.

OKJ Discoveries has allowed me to rediscover myself, aligned my priorities, fuelled my passion and create a path that could lead me to what I want in life. (If you are curious about it, click here)

I hope that by sharing that experience, OKJ Discoveries will help not only me but you as well.

If you find it worthy for others' attention, I would be grateful if you could share it with your friends!

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