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National Geographic Live back with ancient mysteries

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Live

Photo Credit: National Geographic Live

Imagine yourself in a history class and the professor asked the class for the name of a powerful historical leader. Chances are names of mainstream renowned leaders like Adolf Hitler and Mao Ze Dong occurring in your mind as they were widely been used as discussion topics in Singapore’s education system. 

Well if you consider the doings of Adolf Hitler during World War 2 as ruthless, wait till you hear about the Mongolia leader, Genghis Khan, who played a significant role in modernizing the Mongolian culture.

Genghis Khan is one of the most deeply feared historical figures in history that conquered a great part of the world. Not only did the Mongolian ruler create the largest empire in the world, he developed the most advanced and professional army ever seen in Asia, known for speed and his ruthlessness in his attack as he conquered nearly 12 million square miles of territory.

Get ready to immense yourself in the world of Albert Yu-Min Lin, an emerging explorer of the National Geographic Society, as he unravels his embarked journey on a non-destructive search in Mongolia for the tomb of Genghis Khan, also known as the “Valley of the Khans” project.

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Live

Photo Credit: National Geographic Live

Since the death of Genghis Khan in 1227, there was no affirmative spot for his final resting place as according to folklore, it was rumoured that anyone that came in contact with the funeral procession was eventually murdered and hence even after so many years till today, the precise location of his grave is still unknown. 

As part of National Geographic Live, Lin will not only introduce the cutting-edge technologies that were used by his team to assist in his findings of this historical mystery, but also scoop out potential insights on the recent disappearance of the Malaysian jetliner, MH370 in 2014 which are bound to revolutionize the future exploration process

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to the Esplanade on 30th August 2016 to be inspired by Lin’s burning passion for exploring and preserving the world’s collective cultural heritage and join him together in “Chasing Ancient Mysteries.

Tickets are priced from S$39 and are up for grabs starting today via this link: