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Solar Eclipse 2016: The best seat in Singapore to watch

Photo Credit: NASA

Photo Credit: NASA

Earth expresses her magic in many ways – but few as big as the one happening on March 9.

At 7:22 am to 9:32 am, the Sun will seem to be engulfed by the Moon in an astronomical phenomenon known as a partial Solar Eclipse. It is rare for a Solar Eclipse to occur, even more so if you want to observe it from Singapore where our position is not that ideal to witness such wonders. This is why the Solar Eclipse that we will be looking at is partial and not total.

To celebrate this opportunity, the NUS Department of Physics, together with the many other partners, are organising an overnight event at NUS. Three distinguished enthusiasts will be giving talks about solar eclipse and astronomy as a whole. There will also be an astrophotography exhibition that will showcase the works of Remus Chua, whose images had been featured on “The Universe”, a compilation of the world’s best astrophotography imagery.
But these are just appetisers to the main treat – out on the NUS football field, the public will be allowed to gaze at the wonders of the cosmos with several telescopes being set up.

These public viewing sessions are available on both the actual solar eclipse event as well as the night before. Those present at the event will also be provided with hand-held solar viewers to protect their eyes when viewing the solar eclipse.

And what if the weather is not favourable that day? Fret not, as there is currently a team in Indonesia who will be providing a live broadcast of the total Solar Eclipse from their location.

To register for the “Solar Eclipse 2016 @ NUS”, visit

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For those unable (or unwilling) to be up this early to see a phenomenon that will only return in 2019, you can also view live telecasts from different parts of the Earth (Though to be honest, nothing beats LIVE)

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