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This Bold Survival Reality Series Will Inspire You To Survive (Part 2)

Photo Credit: History

Photo Credit: History

"Alone" is History's newest and boldest survival reality series where ten hardcore survivalists are brought to the untamed Vancouver Island.

Vying for the $500,000 prize, these 10 men will try to outlast each other, use their skills, wit and whatever they can fit in a small backpack.

What if you are the one stranded in the harsh wilderness? What would you do? Here's are six survival tips videos from "Alone".

1. Bubble wrap keeps you warm

2. Eat your bugs

3. Make your own compass

4. Spit Fishing

5. Stay afloat

6. Take a mud bath

Want more survival fun facts? Head on over my other article with 5 essential items that 10 participants brought on the series.

"Alone" will premieres on History Channel (Starhub Channel 401) on 22 June, Monday, 11pm.