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This Bold Survival Reality Series Will Inspire You To Survive (Part 1)

 Photo Credit: History

Photo Credit: History

"Alone" is History's newest and boldest survival reality series where ten hardcore survivalists are brought to the untamed Vancouver Island.

Vying for the $500,000 prize, these 10 men will try to outlast each other, use their skills, wit and whatever they can fit in a small backpack.

What if you are the one stranded in the harsh wilderness? What would you do? Here's what all 10 men brought.

  1. Sleeping bag - This is quite self explanatory, an essential item that provides you with a shelter to sleep and warm to prevent hypothermia.
  2. Axe - A weapon, a tool, a must.
  3. Large 2 quart pot - A metal pot that you can heat water with and use as a container when moving around.
  4. Ferro rod - It helps you start a fire quickly. Hugely important.
  5. 300yds single filament fishing line and 25 assorted hooks - Going fishing will probably give you the most delicious meal in the wild.

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"Alone" will premieres on History Channel (Starhub Channel 401) on 22 June, Monday, 11pm.