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The Other Singapore: A side view of Singapore

Photo Credit: Luciano Checco

Photo Credit: Luciano Checco

"The Other Singapore" is a portfolio by Luciano Checco, a 61-year-old Italian who had called Singapore his phone for the past more than a third of his life.

His view of Singapore, as the title suggests, is literally taken from the side - a discrete method he used to capture the gritty side of Singapore's red light district, Geylang.

But he was not always successful, as in one case where he shared with the Leica Internet Team that a transvestite started beating him up after hearing the noise of the shutter , resulting in broken spectacles and blood in the head.

The interview conducted is a fantastic read and has great value to Singaporeans and photographers interested in the trials and experiences of documenting life.

You can view the full interview here:

Over 100+ images in this portfolio can also be found on his Facebook page: