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Thank you Discovery Channel for 20 years of exploration

 Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

Next week, Discovery Channel is celebrating 2 decades of exploration and curiosity in Asia. 

Despite launching in June 17, 1985, Discovery Channel SE Asia only came on January 1, 1993. 

It was the year I was born. Maybe that's why I naturally love Discovery Channel when first knowing about it as a kid - still remember the "WOW" into "HOW" moments I had when watching Mythbusters - the first documentary series that I watched on repeat. =D

But that would have also mean that 2014 is the 21st year that Discovery Channel had been broadcasting in Asia. But let's push this question aside, because this late celebration brings about 5 amazing days of 'Discovery Channel Firsts'.

From May 19 to May 23, 7pm to 9pm (SIN/HK), relive the first episodes of some of Discovery Channel's most iconic and loved series.

The programme guide can be found here, as well as some awesome facts!

Did you know that one of the largest explosions ever recorded on mythbusters used over 2,000 kilograms of explosives! The team was on their quest to see whether an intense explosion can instantly convert carbon to diamond.

What will you be tuning in next week? I'll be watching Mythbusters, River Monsters, Deadliest Catch and Man vs. Wild!