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Stand a chance to go on stage with Cesar Millan

One reason for Cesar Millan's popularity is his ability to communicate with the audience. His tips are humble, simple and most importantly, easy to relate to.

This is also true for his live shows, where fans can have their wish of getting first-hand tips from Cesar Millan himself, much like his much acclaimed show, Dog Whisperers.

Now it could be your turn! If you already have tickets to the Cesar Millan's live show in Singapore (click here to purchase tickets), which is on May 2 2014 at the Star Performing Arts Centre, you may just get your chance to let Cesar  help you with your BFF (Best Furry Friend) and his/her behaviour problems.

All you got to do is head over to, fill in the registration form and upload a short video showing your dog misbehaving.

Shortlisted dogs will be contacted for auditions and will stand a chance to go on stage with Cesar during the live show in Singapore.