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National Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum to be revamped for SG50

In May, the National Museum will have a dedicated space known as Play@NMS for children and families.

This addition is just one of several to be implemented as the National Museum and Asian Civilisations Museum gets revamped as time ticks on towards Singapore's 50th anniversary.

The National Museum will put particular focus on the small details regarding the personal history of our city-state with the display of objects from yesteryears.

On the other hand, the Asian Civilisations Museum will be transformed with a newly-designed lobby, new shops and expanded permanent galleries.

There may also be a possibility for a link to be build between the Asian Civilisation Museum and the Singapore River, creating a unique gallery space that connects 2 iconic historical features together.

With an already record visitorship of over 3 million visitors to museums last year, the transformation of Singapore's 2 main museums are sure to fan the already raging fire that is the interest of our history.