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RWS Marine Life Park Dolphin Island opens on September 30

 Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa announces that September 30 is the opening date of Dolphin Island.

A highly anticipated segment of Marine Life Park - not to mention controversial - the Dolphin Island will give an opportunity for the public to get up-close and interact with Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

Only up to 80 people a day will be allowed into the waters in groups of five or fewer.

I definitely support this over the usual theoretical performance that many other wildfire entities choose as it dramatically increases the learning experience and inspiration for the participants, and it ensures that the Dolphins will be in constant care with qualified trainers always in contact and in control of the dolphins, the environment, and the participants.

There are various interaction programmes that the public can choose from, and you can check them all out at the official Dolphin Island website - Click to also find all the information you need, such as visitor information and ticket prices, which range from $58 to $398.

The 24 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins have been in Singapore since last November and will be living through 11 interconnecting lagoons, Resorts World Sentosa provides some very interesting facts about the Indo-Pacific bottlenose Dolphins. You should also check out the Marine Life Park blog if you are interesting in learning much more of what goes behind-the-scenes.