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Check out Cesar Millan's Pack Leader app

 Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Want to be a pack leader like Cesar Millan? Well there's an app for that!

National Geographic had just released the Cesar Millan's Pack Leader app, and after playing around with it, here is a summary of its features.

  1. Face Match: Find a dog which looks like you the most! National Geographic boasts using the same facial recognition software that's implemented by law enforcement agencies worldwide.
  2. Bark Match: This is funny because you will have to bark at your phone, and the app will find the canine with the most similar bark.
  3. Lifestyle Match: Take a quiz about the way you live and the Pack Leader will present your most compatible canine.
  4. Life Companion Match: This is a very thoughtful feature. Upon completing all the 3 mentioned matches, you will be able to find a suitable canine that is available at your local shelters!
  5. Cesar's Tips and Videos: Loads of helpful tips and video guides from the one and only Cesar Millan!

Excited by it? Then click to start downloading Cesar Millan's Pack Leader app now for FREE! This app is currently available only on Android.